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Before putting on our headcoverings, decide if you want to lock in your hair or allow it to hang out.  If locking in,  pull the drawstring prior to putting the headcovering on.  Pull your hair into a pineapple (natural hair) or allow your locks to hang down over your face. Pull the headcovering down over your head and push your hair up into it.  If the drawstring isn't closed, pull your hair through the opening. The fabric should sit flush around your forehead, with the seam in the back.

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Hair covering

Headcoverings are used to protect your hair when you work, sleep, shower, exercise, and are simply fashionable.  The silky and stretchy material has no elastic band.  Our headcoverings prevent lint build-up and breakage, and lock in moisture.  The adjustable draw string enables you to lock in hair or let it hang out, providing air flow.

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Medium Headband

Headbands are great for fashion and preserving edges just like our Headcoverings and Turbans.  Made with silky and stretchy material to fit all hair shapes and sizes.  

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Turbans or Wraps


Turbans are long pieces of fabric worn around the hair used for fashion, sleep, up dos, etc.  

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Compression or sports sleeve

Compression sleeves are good for sports, compression, fashion, health and medical issues, skin protection, and much more.  

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Healing crystal jewelry is good for turning negative energy into positive energy, chakra healing, grounding, helps with tranquility, growth, and much more.  

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How to Put On A Headcovering



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